The Ristretto Time podcast started initially as a type of journal.   My intention was to go through some of the things I learned during the years I spent starting and running Cafe Chocolat in downtown Washington DC.   As I kept recording, I realized that these mental notes I had could come in handy to those who have always dreamed of owning a coffee shop, or were in the process of building one.  

In each episode I share my personal experience on each topic.  As a format, I have kept interviews at a minimum -- I think out of 26 episodes I have guests only on 3 of them.   The rest are just my thoughts and experiences on what I did right and what I wish I could have done differently at Cafe Chocolat.   

When I record, I either don't plan or do minimal planning on what I am going to talk about.    I just hit record on my iphone and submit after I'm done talking.   Therefore, you may not find the high quality production you may be used to in other podcasts.   I did not want to go the overproduced route, because I felt that it took away from me focusing on sharing my experience as candidly as possible.  If you like high quality sound -- this podcast may not be for you.   If you're here for content, I think you've come to the right place.

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