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Great podcast for those who wants to enter in the coffee shop business.

You must listen to it!

For anyone planning on starting a coffee shop or is the beginning stages of it, this worth listening to! Gjergj does a great job of explaining the steps of starting a coffee shop and the lessons he has learned. Looking forward to more episodes!

A Crucial Resource in My Coffee Shop Adventure

I’m in the middle of opening a coffee shop and this podcast has been a crucial resource for me. Of course there are books out there on entrepreneurship and “how-to” books for opening a coffee shop, but there is something unique about this podcast. Gjergj is real. He doesn’t give you any false pretenses about opening a coffee shop. He tells it like it is and gives you the “inside” information that you won’t find in a book. You can tell he put his heart and soul into Cafe Chocolat and that he genuinely wants to share what he learned with his listeners. I emailed him with a question and he responded with a very helpful and well thought-out response. I’ve listened to every episode and I’ll be a listener as long as he’s willing to share his knowledge with us. Thank you for this resource, Gjergj!

Great content and easy to listen to

Hey! Thanks for having this podcast. One suggestion, in your audio editing software I would increase your voice volume. While wearing AirPods it was difficult to hear you while the volume was all the way up. You can always turn the volume down, but if it’s ultimately too quiet at full volume, it’s hard to pay attention.

Great talks here

Great insight and conversations

Great podcast

You’re an excellent narrator!

Great podcast!!

Lots of honest valuable information for anyone starting a coffee business. Although the principles discussed can apply to other businesses as well. Would have given it 5 stars if the sound was better. Highly recommend!!

Good mix of specific and general advice

This is not a step-by-step guide. There are plenty of books about that. This podcast focuses on the details, nuances and a-ha moments that hit you when you’re in the thick and thin of it. So, if you’re looking for an instruction manual, look somewhere else. But if you’re interested in honest conversations about starting and running a business, I think this podcast delivers.

Exactly What I Was Looking For

A great balance of specific and general advice. It sounds geared toward coffee entrepreneurs who are further along in the process, but it is great for initial exposure to the coffee shop business as well.